Jos Leysen (CD&V)


First name: Jozef
Last name: Leysen
Age: 50 years old

Who I am?:
Have lived in Oudergem since 2001.
Since 2010 legal advisor to Brussels Minister Brigitte Grouwels. Minister Grouwels is responsible for public works, transport and social matters.
Worked as in house counsel for a Belgian brewery group for 17 years.
Licentiate in law 1985 (University of Leuven, Belgium), Master of Laws 1986 (University of Georgia, USA)Born in province of Antwerp, Belgium.
Enjoy the cultural diversity of Oudergem.

What I stand for: 

  1. Oudergem’s inhabitants have many different nationalities. Its services should be able to welcome you in various languages. I will also aim for a multilingual municipal website.
  2. Mobility in Oudergem should be improved. Traffic signs must be clearer and adequate advance warning should be given in case of change of the traffic situation. I will pay special attention to the traffic consequences of the important redevelopment which is planned at the Delta-site. Finally cleanliness should be enhanced at the entrances of the metro.
  3. Safety should be promoted through cooperation with the local public social welfare centre (prevention) and with other municipalities. Neighborhood police stations should be set up.
  4. The municipality should pay special attention to the young and the elderly.