Wim Vanobberghen (openVld)


First name: Wim
Last name: Vanobberghen
Age: 33 years old
website: www.wimvanobberghen.be
Who I am:
* I lived all my life in Auderghem
* lives in the area of the Avenue du Kouter
* Profession: researcher at IBBT-SMIT, a center founded at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and part of IBBT.
* President of openVLD Oudergem since 2009
* hobby’s: history (local, national, international), sport (supporter of RSC Anderlecht), music, culture (going to museums and concerts), likes to drink like every Belgian a good abbey beer once and a while
My action points for 2012-2018:
* support young people and young families. 
Support and facilitate the enlargement of the number of places in the schools and in the day care centers. Support and facilitate affordable living, among others by investigating the possibility of granting a partly fiscal return during a limited period to everyone below the age of 35 who settles in Auderghem.
* cultural diversity is a benefit and should be valorised in all domains. Support and initiate initiatives within and outside schools that contribute to bi-linguism or multi-linguism: it broadens the mental horizon and is a guarantee for future employment. Initiate a ‘Day of the world’ that brings together all people and communities in Auderghem and foster ties between them. An alderman of the Flemish community in the municipality board of aldermen. Develop a full dutch socio-cultural policy in Auderghem.
* a better communication by the commune. Making a real user friendly, up-to-date and multi-lingual municipality website. The communal magazine ‘L’Auderghemois’ should reflect the public debate in our municipality and stimulate it.
* an urban development and mobility on a human scale. Realistic solutions for the Delta site and the Hermann-Debroux viaduct that take into account the viability of the commune and the quality of life of the residents. The Delta site as a mixed socio-economic growth point combining places to live, offices and public infrastructure like play yards and green spaces. Integrate efficiently means of alternative transport like Villo on the territory of Auderghem.
* an entrepreneurial plan for Auderghem. Convenience stores play a major role in the social fabric and this should remain so. Together with SME’s they are also the economic engine of our municipality. A plan dedicated to them should benefit the future development of both in Auderghem. The installation of an entrepreneurial office at the town hall and digital accessible.
* apply an urban ethic. No more excuses, but rules should be clear to all and applicable to all.
Contact: wim.vanobberghen@openvld.be


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