Emmanuel Boodts (CD&V)


First name: Emmanuel
Last name: Boodts
Age: 30 years old
Who I am:
* Born in Etterbeek, but I have always lived in Auderghem, on the Chaussée de Wavre, close to the Boulevard du Souverain
* since five years, I am working as the assistant of the Flemish deputy Paul Delva (CD&V). It allows me to focus all my efforts on my great passion: Brussels
* I am active in the communal life of Auderghem: I am president of the Flemish cultural centre Den Dam, member of the Board of the social care organization Zoniënzorg and member of the Board of the organization Chiro-lokalen Oudergem and the school council of the primary school St-Lutgardis. To summarize: I try to make myself useful as much as possible
* My favorite hobby’s: sport, theatre, concerts, going for a drink with my friends, going for a walk with my dog Jules
My action points for 2012-2018:
* a bi-lingual municipality: a genuine local Flemish cultural policy with a support of the associations. Fluid bi-lingual communication by the municipality (for example: the website of our municipality)
* attention for young and old: a support by the commune to the local (Dutchspeaking) youth organizations (JH Alleman, Chiro) and a structural collaboration between the local social care organization Zoniënzorg and the Public Social Welfare Centre of Auderghem
* affordable living, with special attention to young families. The creation of a Dutch communal nursery and the granting of a partly and temporary fiscal benefit
* mobility: more safety around schools and a structural solution for bus 34
* economy: an entrepreneurial office at the town hall that supports companies in Auderghem
Contact: eboodts@hotmail.com – 0472/55.56.33 – http://www.emmanuelboodts.cdenv.be


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