Marie-Christine Lahaye


First name: Marie-Christine
Last name: Lahaye
Age: 53 years old
Who I am:
* Phd in Science – Marine Biology
* Eco-advisor
* former President of the Public Social Welfare Centre in Auderghem
* official working at the Federal Public Service – Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Directorate-General for Environment
My action points for 2012-2018:
* create for the benefit and the welfare of all citizens – young and old, disabled or not – a warm and welcoming living environment that respects and maintains the green areas and in this way also the biodiversity
* helping the most poor inhabitants and all persons in need requires the development in Auderghem of a general and coherent social policy that involves all relevant actors. It is equally important to create a day care-unit for the elder population and an emergency nursery where parents can drop their children when they have to go to an urgent meeting (professional, medical or educational)
* In order to assure that our children can find a place to live in Auderghem, it is important that the rent and buying prices of properties remain affordable. Therefore the measure of granting a partial and in time limited fiscal return to all people until the age of 35 who come to live in our municipality, should be envisaged and put in place.
* The cultural wealth linked to the cultural diversity of our population should be valorized. Learning and mastering languages is crucial here. The knowledge of Dutch and French is a priority and must be supported and stimulated. The municipality has an important role to play here by initiating the exchange of teachers between the Flemish and francophones schools.

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