Dirk Hoornaert


First name: Dirk
Last name: Hoornaert
Age: 57 years old
Dirk in action for Auderghem: watch images here
Who am I?
* born in Bruges (and supporter of Club Bruges), in Auderghem since 1969
* married with Michèle Vandermeersche
* Manager support team clients & passengers at The Brussels Airport Company
* organisator of ‘Dreamflights’
* active as an independent/non-party-aligned person in the political life of Auderghem
* member of the Board of the Public Social Welfare Centre in Auderghem and member of the Permanent Board
* member of the board of different vzw’s (=associations without aim of making profit)
* former president of the Board of Governors of TV Brussel
* former member of the municipality council
* builder of ants and caterpillars at the Den Dam

My action points for 2012-2018:
* building bridges and foster ties between the different communities in Auderghem
* culture: strong and qualitative libraries and support to associations and youth organizations
* education: it is a fundamental right. Sufficient places in all schools
* government: make our the communal emergency plan up to date, with special attention for schools
* welfare: elder people that can stay as long as possible in their homes
Contact: info@samen4oudergem.be – info@samen4auderghem.be

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