Action points for Auderghem 2012-2018

The action points of SAMEN for 2012 – 2018 on 10 different societal domains:

1. culture:
* promote strong and qualitative libraries
* develop a flemish cultural policy
* promote the support to youth work and associations
* participation of Auderghem in the Zinneke Parade
2. welfare:
* improve and assure the accessibility of all municipality buildings
* maintain and promote green spaces
* keep our senior citizens as long as possible at home.
* support the creation of sufficient places in day-care
3. education:
* support and facilitate the creation of sufficient places for our children in the schools. initiate and support initiatives that promote multi-linguism.
* initiate a serious dialogue between the municipality and the universities surrounding Auderghem
4. Government
* a Dutch speaking alderman in the board of aldermen
* investigate all means of supra local financing and seize their benefits
* a well-balanced and pluralistic communication by the municipality
* the website of municipality must be really multi-lingual (French – Dutch – English), interactive, user friendly and up-to-date
*  the disaster emergency plan of our municipality must be made up-to-date, tested, evaluated and adapted. Special attention here for schools.
5. Mobility
* A sustainable solution for bus 34
* promote the usage of bicycles and support the establishment of other means of alternative transport (Villo, Collecto,…)
* a solution for the Hermann-Debroux viaduct that manages to reconcile the viability of Auderghem with a safe and fluid mobility.
6. Economy and employment
* An entrepreneurial plan for Auderghem.
* seize the opportunity offered by the Brussels Entreprise Agency
* creation of an entrepreneurial office (digital + in the town hall)
7. Housing
* Make buying in Auderghem again affordable.
* An urban development on a human scale. The Delta site should be a real mixture of offices, houses, flats and public space.
8. Sport
* Promote the construction of facilities for individual sport practice in our parks and public spaces
9. Security
* assure tidy, clean and safe streets and public spaces
* clean the neighbourhoods around our metro-stations
10. Europe and the world
* The cultural diversity of Auderghem is a benefit. Initiate and promote initiatives that bring people from different communities together. A ‘Day of the world’, to which all the communities are invited, must be established.

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